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Governments and Sponsored Individuals

Dirasti provides advisory and support to federal and private organizations, facilitating the implementation of educational and training programs.

Our Strategy

At Dirasti, we specialize in advising government entities on the intricacies of language courses and university admissions. Recognizing the pivotal role of multilingualism in global diplomacy and international relations, we collaborate with governmental departments to design and implement comprehensive language training programs tailored to their specific needs.


Furthermore, our expertise extends to guiding government-sponsored students through the maze of university admissions, both domestically and internationally. We provide insights into the best-fit institutions, course selection, and the nuances of application processes, ensuring that students represent our nation with distinction in top-tier universities worldwide.


Our holistic approach, combining language proficiency with academic excellence, positions us as trusted consultants for government entities aiming to foster a generation of well-rounded global ambassadors.

Do you already have a proposal? Send it to us and let us offer you a better price without compromising quality.

Our Approach

Quality: Your students will only be allocated to the best schools that have been 100% vetted, who offer certified curriculums and who have the most qualified teachers. 

Cost-efficiency: We have already negotiated the prices so you don't have you. We will offer you the best schools to the best price ensuring and long and prosperous partnership. 

Flexibility: Requirements change, as well as instructions, that's why Dirasti promises to always maintain a high level of flexibility to make sure our clients can still meet their targets even when the circumstances change unexpectedly. 

Transparency: Our clients will be provided secure links where they can track their students' progress at any time - in real-time.  

24/7 Support: We work when you work. No matter where in the world you are, we will always be available for you and your students and attend all of your needs.

Dedicated manager: Many of our clients run several programs with us allocating hundreds of students to different schools, in different cities - but they'll always only have one (1) contact person who will oversee everything for them. We will save you time so you can focus on achieving your goals. 


Contact us

Miami Beach, Florida 33139
United States

+1 (786) 867-4353

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