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Dirasti provides a wide array of services to our clients. Select a headline below to learn more about our expertise, portfolio, and how we can assist you.

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Language Programs

Dirasti offers an extensive range of language programs to cater to diverse linguistic needs. Choose from more than 7+ languages taught in-person or virtually. Fully accredited programs taught by industry leaders.

University Admission

More than 150 universities and 13,000 degrees in the US. Our team of experts can guide applicants through every step, from selecting the right institution to navigating the visa process. 97% guaranteed admission.

Certificate Programs

Empowering professionals with industry-leading expertise through certificate programs in pivotal areas such as Cyber Security, Leadership, and Management, in collaboration with Ivy League and globally renowned institutions.

Program Management

Ensuring meticulous oversight and strategic management of government programs, we provide thorough reporting and evaluation, aligning initiatives with defined objectives, while navigating operational complexities with precision and expertise.

Vocational Programs

With top industry providers, designed to seamlessly blend educational learning with practical application. We offer a curated selection of courses across various sectors, ensuring participants acquire a robust, industry-ready skill set.

Government Sponsors

Our partners, accredited by the Ministry of Education, are proficient in accommodating scholarship recipients—both individuals and groups—meeting the criteria established by the sponsoring Government entity.

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